Friday, April 23, 2010

Tuition increases as financial aid decreases

As state governments are beginning to run out of money to give to college bound students, parents and students are beginning to worry about how they are going to pay for their education. Supposedly, the reasoning behind the shortage of grant money is due to the higher number of applicants this year compared to other years. Now, I do not doubt that this is true, but there probably is a reason behind the sudden increase in applications. In the past few years college tuition has increased tremendously causing families of college-aged kids to worry about their financial future. Due to this increased worry more and more students are applying for loans, grants, and scholarships to try and alleviate the cost of college. But there has to be another way to fix this problem.

Instead of colleges continuously raising their prices and causing students to suffer with the stresses of paying off their debt and loans, they should no longer be allowed to increase tuition, and actually should begin to lower them. There is no reason for a college with 20,000 people to charge each individual $30,000 per year. If colleges actually cost less, more people would be able to attend and colleges would not have to give out big financial aid packages. With more people in attendance and smaller amounts of money going out to students, these colleges would end up making more money than they already do. Of course, college is a business and for some reason many post-secondary schools are under the impression that they will appear superior with higher ticket prices.

It seems as if colleges are losing sight of their original purpose: to educate people so they can get jobs and make money as well as so that our country is more educated and can therefore be one of the powerhouses of the world. With the way tuition is going now less students will be able to attend college, our economy will suffer even more and the U.S. will continue to lose its credibility in the world.

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